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How to Give

Important Notice

Given the COVID-19 crisis, we are checking our PO box less frequently than before. The best way to support Indivisible in this time is by donating through ActBlue or by wire. Reach out to with any questions!​


Thousands of local Indivisible groups work in their communities to push for progressive change in all 50 states. They are supported by three organizations:

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Indivisible Action

Indivisible Action is a PAC that supports the partisan work of the Indivisible movement. Indivisible Action channels grassroots energy into electing progressive candidates who will work towards an inclusive democracy that provides for the needs of all people, and to defeat politicians who will stand in its way.

Donate to Indivisible Action
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Indivisible Project

Indivisible Project is a 501(c)(4) that supports the legislative advocacy carried out by Indivisibles across the country.  Indivisible Project drives coordinated campaigns, powering the grassroots Indivisible movement to defeat the rightwing takeover of American government, and win an inclusive democracy and bold progressive policies.

Donate to Indivisible Project
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Indivisible Civics

Indivisible Civics is a 501(c)(3) that supports civic education and leadership development for local Indivisible groups. Indivisible Civics provides movement coordination, resources, training, and tools to fuel a powerful and aligned national movement of Indivisible groups and activists to organize for change.

Donate to Indivisible Civics

Donation options

Donate By Check

Contributions by check may be made to all three entities: 

Indivisible Action, the PAC, receives checks made to: 

Indivisible Action
PO Box 43135
Washington, DC 20010

Reminder: If you are giving to Indivisible Action, you must include your full name, email, address, occupation, and employer to have your contribution processed. Donations are not anonymous and will be reported to the FEC.

Indivisible Project, the 501(c)(4), receives checks made to: 

Indivisible Project
PO Box 43884
Washington, DC 20010

Reminder: Donations are anonymous and are not tax-deductible.

Indivisible Civics, the 501(c)(3), receives checks made to:

Indivisible Civics
PO Box 43884
Washington, DC 20010

Donate in Someone’s Honor or Memory

To donate in honor or memory of someone, you can follow the links below:

Once you have made your donation, you will be redirected to a page where you can tell us who the gift is in honor of. If you choose, you can also notify the honoree.

Donate Directly to a Local Group

If you're interested in giving to a local group, reach out to